it's time for plan b

i have a mission. my mission is to steal this from Makiyo's website! *the theme song of Mission Impossible started playing inside my head-- then*

Fine, so it's not stealing (that would be hotlink) and fine, i don't have that much action with my life but with this "rockish-gooeish" picture of a UK independent music magazine i'm gonna have to do some action around this blog.

P.S. the polka dot felt paper's so hot and many people take some action to actually "steal" it from Makiyo. that is the beauty of cultural swapping.

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for more information about Plan B magazine, click here for the official website. hi-yah! (that came out into a flirty greeting... btw, that was supposed to be a karate scream.)


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arnie said...

i am arnie from UK and i have a lot of those but i can't swap them. but just to tell you, if you'r an avid reader and a musician, you'll love this. e-mail me at arnie_world@diskant.net