p i c a s s o ' s p o e t r y

picasso_sellout of pansitan.net inspired me to write poetry. well, since i was young, i love to write poetry but not that profound.

His writings such as (some of his poetry are filipino so others may not understand) may babae sa kusina, paternity, etc. are one of my favorites.

He's an ordinary poet. He writes poems on scratch papers, tissues, old notebooks and such. His poems are posted in his blog picassosellout.pansitan.net. Besides poetry, he also sketches and add as visual for his poem in his blog. He's a teacher of different schools but still manages to participate for poetry readings, developing talent programs, etc.

Thru our conversation at Yahoo! Messenger, i learned that everything can be called as art and everything can be a movie as long as you believe it is.

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the night is always starry.