swap suicide

i stumbled upon ebay.com looking for books. the site listed top 10 best phones/pdas these days.
i was shocked to see the t-mobile sidekick 2 cellphone pda danger hiptop gsm II. my inner voice was teasing me, "..if only you have a credit card."

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the PDA caught my eye so much. i said to myself that i am willing to swap the whole Japan + every shred of my humanity for this. its current bid US $0.01 and it has alot of features such as e-mail, capable of web browsing, camera built-in, mp3 player and color screen.

whoever offers me this is a great person filled with wit and has a great personality and will win the lottery someday. think about this people. we are the architects of our own life. we must give people what they want and need. [that's what gimmeyourstuff.blogspot.com is for!] haha.

i hate liking something.

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