the weekenders

Last Friday was my other sister's Prom night and my sister came home from Quezon ave. It was fun because she's home and we always wanted to bond during weekends. She had a surprise. It was Tess' (from Roswell) armadillo dance and we laughed. We had hot chocolate the one Carolyne gave from Australia. We sprinkled it with chocolate too. Then we watched other videos from her iBook such as The Weekenders, Veronica Mars, Roswell, other interviews and music videos. I slept early. bummer.

The next day, i watched Roswell early in the morning. Then we do the laundry and other chores. After than we sing songs and recorded it with my phone and uploaded it on the iBook. Then we watched the "our concert" at around 8.00 and then watched The Weekenders and laughed. Then, we recorded ourselves fooling around. At around 1.00, we decided to call for pizza and my parents were asleep already. But, unfortunately, the pizza huts are already closed. Around 3.00, our tummies began to grumble that we decided to call for Chinese food. We ordered miki, siomai, siopao, shangai and hot chocolate. I even took a video of it.

After that, we watched more The Weekenders and sadly i was the first one to crawl to bed. It was Sunday after Saturday and we went to church. We wore something conventional. I wore suspenders, top, pants and flats, my sister wore an army skirt, top and shoes and my other sister wore a Korean-inspired shirt, pants and flats and it was grool. Then we ate at Pancake House after conversation-over-conversation with our relatives. Here's a video of the Pancake House brunch.

After that we went flea market shopping. It was fun dressing up in weird clothes, shoes, hats and skirts. My sister payed for all which made her broke. It cost 1,950 pesos all in all and she's officially broke. Then we went meat marketing and bought ice cream and we had a little "dress-up" with the parents and they were in awe. It was something to use for our friend's debutant party. We were asked to sing too so we practiced with our cousins songs like Birthday Song by Don McLean and One Friend by Dan Seals.

Here's a pair of Japanese shoes from my shopping spoils yesterday:

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it's like for tap dancing. (Sorry for the picture. Sad to say, i did not edit the options of my camera..)

Everything's back to normal when our cousin left. The day ended too.



xat said...

i like the japanese shoes. it looks sophisticating. do you sell clogs there? you spend your weekends well and you said you envy almost all the things but people envy you too because u have a very nice family. and cool clothes and things. and passion? as u said. ahahahhe... e-mail me at nostalgia_xat@yahoo.com if your interstd n swappin'.

karmen said...

hey, you missed us at your chatroom. we were all there talking about swaps. it's great that you put a chatroom. it's easier to talk about swaps.. can you send that shoes to me? i'l swap it with anythin'.. hahaha. karmen

k a r e n said...

even a cellphone? haha. you're from UK right? you e-mailed me and you said you like au revoir simone too.. what's the title of there new album again. i forgot...

k a r e n said...

i can't swap the shoes with anything. my sister gave it to me. i've received almost 5 e-mails asking me if i'm okay to swap my shoes with their stuff. i can't swap it! *me apologize*

k a r e n said...

...and xat, i don't think they sell clogs here but there is a japanese/chinese/korean mall here (actually, in manila) and maybe they sell clogs there. but if you're planning to ask me for one, i can't because manila is far from my place and we don't go there often. mostly for stopovers only. sorry.

k a r e n said...

i'm not into swapping right now, i have like 6 ongoing swaps and a thousand upcoming and millions of swappers waiting for my confirmation. i'm taking a break with all the swap hootenanny in the meantime. i'll get back swapping mid-june because i don't have money in summer break. haha. but e-mail me though, we can work out details.