California to Philippines - Complete!

Me and Andy Gomez from California, USA arranged a swap last January 30, 2007.
i made sure my parcel was manly enough for him since he gave me a great gift. a camera.

Olympus camera

he said it was Olympus. for professionals. like the one from Spiderman.
i agreed, it was a great camera but it doesn't have a USB port. Since i was old enough to write in a blog, i always wanted an SLR so that i can post pictures easily for my blog. but still it was a great pleasure to receive such expensive thing from a very generous person. the camera would be useful for my "corkboard of an artist" on my cabinet.

about posting my pictures for my blog, that wouldn't be a problem. my dad bought me a phone for my birthday (but that doesn't clarify anything that i'm willing to give up the PDA. lol.) that supports USB port. that means, i can still post my pictures for my blog.


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