lazy sunday

sunday. we have this routine every Sunday that we have to follow. mass, chinese food, windowshop, meat marketing, and the leftovers such as chores, picture-taking, getting-ready-for-school-tomorrow and some others.

this sunday was weird. but some were plain ordinary. so we went to mass. additional details, i was wearing something that would not be labeled "wash then wear." after the mass, we and the other we-family talked about a friend's debutant day party. (and, drastically, i discovered that i wasn't invited.) then, we ate chinese food (my order wouldn't be referred to as chinese food because it was chicken and rice and coke).

then we went to National bookstore because my sister bought scrapbooking stuff and i froze when i saw a "Fashion Designing" book with a certificate at the back. It was a fashion home-school! Sadly, i still need to find a way on how to scrape 750 pesos for a paperback book.

I bought my conscience. "The Wish List" by Barbara Ann Kipfer for only 30 pesos. that was the least mom could do to unsavor the "Fashion Designing book" moment.

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Then, both my mom and dad had facial spa. I know, it's weird. they're parents! and the least we can do is wait. my sister was busy playing games and taking pictures of herself (which by the way, she modeled the picture above) and i was reading my book.

After that, we ended up listening to papa's sorrowful story about his skin being pulled away from his face. Then we went to Monterey meat shop and bought meat (and i warned mom about pork because of the tapeworm! yay me!). me and my sister chose our pint ice cream and chips then off we go.

At lunch we ate. Then, papa watched the concert of Bad Religion. i was busy with my book. my sister was busy with her Valentine's card. my mom was busy with her new back issue magazine.

At around 5.30, me and my sister drained my cellphone battery by taking pictures and recording songs. Here are the finishing products:

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she and her card
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My eyebags are scum.

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And then, around 7.00, i slept without dinner. yes, i am a bulldozer.

P.S. Just to counteract my dad's box-dancing (because he is a great singer), does anybody know how to upload recorded songs?


pamela_rose said...

i just bought and read the wish list too because my sister recommended it and i found your post. oh yeah, the she's the man bloopers video is funny.
P.S. i think irina lazareenu is gonna model for Miu miu now. i just think. heehee

mareesh214 said...

that's a pretty awful card. lol. and yea your eyes are scum. hahahaha

zarnaa said...

are those pictures taken in a day or you just wore the same clothes every sunday? kc ang haba ng buhok mo sa isang picture tapos biglang iikli. wag ka ng magchop ng hair uli. okay na yan. pahabain mo na para kamukha mo na si yeng. hahahaha! nakakagalit noh?

fin.ally said...

..sino si mareesh214? ang pangit daw ng card. ang cute nga e. perfectly-made yet too red, pero passable naman diba yorah?!"

jessica said...

try iwebmusic.com to upload your music but i suggest you don't have to make up for your father's dancing. i think it's natural and cool. :-) may i know the song your sister is singing? all i know is that it's a song from flemin and johnn... want to swap with me?