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Happy Andrada, fashion designer/student from La Salle College International Manila, is passionate about fashion. "It's a medium of self-expression. and it's freedom!" She designs based on the uniqueness of things. Her usual fashion genre are rock n roll, spikes, and other weird stuff. She adds funky touches to her designs.

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Her designs, such as the picture above, inspired me. It's funny that her designs matched the way i want my compilation of portfolio would look like. I found her article in the youngpinoyfashion.com where i took some other contact details of hers.

Yesterday, February 12, i sent her a text message and asked if i can be some kind of a freelance designer. she replied, and said that that would be a great idea. the purpose of sending my works to her is for reference. In that case, if she can't complete a single finishing touch, then she can browse on small parts of my design.

It's great that she accepted such suggestion. I was expecting that she would stay independent with her designs and ignore open-mindedness. Visit her website by clicking here.


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ano nanamang trip iyan krn? weirdo-weirdo-weirdo-weirdo-weirdo.