lists that requires aptitude

things i can't live without

things i can't leave without
-the wish list by Barbara
-comfy clothes

things i am interested in today (get involved)
-music (since sperm)
-art, specifically, ballet

things i hated before but starting to like
-credit cards
-computer softwares

things i like before but starting to hate
-lindsay lohan (hate completely!)
-roller coaster rides
-amusement parks
-the colour black

things i like then hate then like
-you tube.com
-amanda bynes
-nailpolishes, eyeliner, whatsoever

things i miss
-relatives from zamboanga
-Clarissa Explains it All
-the "vintage" nickelodeon
-channel surfing
-me who's in the honor roll

everyday essentials
-complete noise

things that scare me
-transportation (the concept of crash scares me)

physical things i like about myself
-feet (?!)

things i want to do really badly
-take ballet and piano lessons
-speak multiple languages
-read the encyclopedia
-be a fashion designer

things i want to do before i die
-be involved in arts
-be a musician
-make my parents proud or pay them back
-be a famous fashion designer
-go kart

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