S L I M S: fashion and arts school

the Yahoo! search engine introduced me to a school worth envying: SLIMS.
is a Philippine Fashion and art school.
offers great courses such as fashion design, dressmaking and special course in fine arts.
is a 3-minute jeep ride from MRT to LRT stations as described by Young Pinoy Fashion website article on SLIMS.

They have "fashion Friday." what kind of lesson is that? are they trying to kill me?
i want in mother!!! i promise i'll be good for the rest of my life. i will never ask you for another thing for the next 5 months... make that 7 if you can make an exception!!! i beg of you. Just a shred of your humanity means alot!! i am serious.

The word SLIMS came from the name of the socialite, Madame Salvacion Lim. The school specializes education in fashion designing and so on.

One thrilling news:
artist - Johnny Otilano
greatest couturiers - Joe Salazar
dean of the Philippine fashion - Ben Farrales

offer scholarships for students who wants to enroll at the school! *there's hope*

it's all just pray and work. boring but what the hell...


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